Types of Men Slippers

Types of Men Slippers

Not a lot of men are too keen on wearing slippers at home because they’re not very masculine to look at. Indoor slippers are more popular amongst women — especially with the cozy, furry slippers in bright, neon colors that girls usually wear.

But there are other men who find value in wearing comfortable slippers when they’re at home, especially during the cold days when they just can’t take cold hardwood floors. Fortunately, fashion is a very dynamic organism.

Different Types of Men Slippers

It morphs into something that addresses what the people need aside from just what they want. Men’s slippers, for example, are now available in many different styles.


Moccasins are considered a classic footwear style. They have evolved from their original design and have somehow incorporated themselves into every fashion evolution through the decades.

To this day, they have retained their classic design and are considered a favorite for both indoors and outdoors. They are mostly worn during the summer.

They are usually made with soft leather but are also available in materials such as grained leather, high sheen leather, and suede. Moccasin slippers are known for their durability and flexibility and are one of the most popular choices for style-conscious men.

They can be worn with a simple shirt, a pair of jeans, or shorts. You can also throw on a leather jacket for a more casual, cool-guy look.


Loafers are also considered a classic. They have gone through a lot of transformation over the years but still remain one of the most popular choices, especially for fashion-conscious men.

They pair well with a simple jeans and shirt combo, or they can be worn with a sharply cut suit. They’re a rather versatile type of footwear that you can use for both casual or semi-formal occasions.

Shearling Slippers

That’s right. UGG boots aren’t just made for women. In fact, they’re a rather popular type of footwear that a lot of men prefer because of their ability to provide more warmth and comfort to the feet.

They’re worn both indoors and outdoors. They’re one of the warmest pairs of slippers for men, and they’re stylish enough to be worn outside.

They’re mostly made from sheepskin and usually have a fleece lining, making them the best footwear option during the winter.


For those who are used to wearing jeans and boots or high-cut shoes, it can be very weird to start wearing sandals. However, you’ll surely find them extremely comfortable to wear, especially during the summer days when it’s hot outside.

They’re also a more comfortable footwear option when going to the beach. Sandals are not limited to flip-flops but rather can include many types of open-toe shoes.

They’re usually made of leather material with some gold or silver-plated attachments. The most common design for men’s sandals is the gladiator ankle style.

The types of slippers mentioned above are the most common style that men prefer. They’re considered fashionable slippers that can be worn both indoors and outdoors.

There are a lot of available products to choose from. Style is one of the main factors considered when choosing footwear. Aside from looking good in your slip-ons, you also have to think about other characteristics such as comfort, durability, support, and even the material used for designing your slippers.

If you check online, you’ll find it very overwhelming to choose from thousands of available products on the market. If you’re having trouble choosing the style of footwear that you want, one of the things that you can do is to check product review sites.

You will surely find value in the comments about the products. Aside from knowing about the qualities of the slippers sold online, you will also know if the sizing is right or if you have to choose slippers that are slightly bigger or smaller than your actual size. Another pro tip is to start with the best sellers.

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