The Benefits of Wearing Comfortable Slippers

The Benefits of Wearing Comfortable Slippers

It is always one’s goal to feel as comfortable as one can be within the comforts of one’s home. After a long and tiring day at work, which sometimes requires one to be on his or her feet all day long, it is a relief to be out of one’s shoes and to be barefooted.

Although comfortable and relaxing, being barefooted has some disadvantages, especially the lack of feet protection. Hence, this is where slippers come in.

Nothing beats wearing the most comfortable men’s slippers and women’s slippers at home.

Also, comfort is not all one can get from wearing slippers – although admittedly it is most often the number one priority whenever one plans to purchase a pair of slippers.

Aside from finding the most comfortable men’s slippers and women’s slippers, slippers can also be a source of warmth for the feet, especially on particularly cold and chilly nights. So, whether it is for comfort or for warmth, finding the right pair of slippers for the feet is very important.

Styles and Benefits of Wearing Comfortable Slippers

The first step to finding the right pair of slippers for the feet or even the most comfortable men’s slippers is to know the different available styles of slippers.

There are many slipper styles, but the most common styles among the many are the following:

Flip Flop Style

This is the most common slipper style among its group. The flip flop slippers are also called thongs because the slipper style is made of backless and flat sandals that have a V-shaped strap that runs between the four toes and the big toe, as well as a shoe sole.

The style was named flip flop and was inspired by the slapping sound created when the wearer’s heels come in contact with the slipper’s sole.

Bootie Style

These are known as bootie slippers because they are boot-like that usually come as slip-ons with occasional side zipper or laces. The bootie slippers are often used by babies and children.

The sole of the bootie slippers is normally composed of a different material compared to its upper part and it often has slip-free or traction features.

Scuff Style

This type of slipper style is also known as open-back slippers that do not have definite heel fitting. The word scuff was inspired by the scraping or shuffling walk often made when wearing the scuff-style

Different Materials Used for Slippers

One factor that helps make a pair of slippers comfortable to wear is the material used to create the slippers. Like with any other footwear, comfort is dependent mainly on the preference of its wearers. With the right material on the slippers, comfort is easier to achieve.

The most common material – and the most comfortable for many – is cotton. Not only is cotton comfortable and light, but it is also the cheapest among the slipper materials.

Most slippers on the market these days — even the most comfortable men’s slippers — are cotton slippers. Slippers made of suede are comfortable and sophisticated.

Unlike cotton slippers, suede slippers can be taken outside and worn for outdoor activities. Leather slippers are known to be durable and long lasting.

Finally, slippers made of sheepskin are composed of wool fur and leather skin that provides warmth and comfort.

Getting the Right Slipper Size

One way of finding the most comfortable men’s slippers and women’s slippers is getting the slipper size right. Wearing a too small or too large pair of slippers will cause discomfort, so it is important to wear slippers that are the correct size.

Shoe sizing is different from slipper sizing, as the latter only has five major sizes to choose from. Therefore, it is essential to know the size of the wearer’s feet when looking for the slipper size.

Nevertheless, unlike shoe shopping, looking for men’s slippers with the right size is way easier because one only needs to slip the feet into the slippers to check for the right fit. Unlike shoes with sizes that normally come in numbers, the slippers are often grouped into small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra large sizes.

Choosing the right size will not only depend on the size of the wearer’s shoes but also whether one is a child or an adult, or whether the wearer is a man or a woman.

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