Tamarac Men’s Sheepskin Slippers Review

Tamarac Men's Sheepskin Slippers Review

Slippers may come in different sizes, styles, shapes and designs, but there is one particular requirement that is common to all –each pair of slippers should be comfortable to use.  What is the point of having an expensive, stylish, catchy or affordable pair of slippers when the one that was purchased is not comfortable to use?

So, the first thing to look for in slippers should be comfort, and the rest of the features are secondary requirements that could be nice add-ons. When it comes to comfort, there is one brand that leads the race.

One cannot go wrong with a pair Tamarac Men’s Sheepskin Slippers in hand…or on feet.

Features of Tamarac Men’s Sheepskin Slippers

  • Suede material
  • China dyed lamb fur
  • Rubber sole
  • Warming slipper
  • Slip toe seam
  • Genuine shearling lining
  • Elastic easy-on goring wedges
  • Memory foam footbed cushioning
  • Sole for indoor & outdoor
  • Shipping weight: 2 lbs.
  • Product dimensions: 14 in x 5 in x 5 in


The brand Tamarac is known for its quality products, and with the name comes several benefits and nice features that are worth taking note of. This brand of slippers is mainly known for two things – comfort and warmth.

As for the aspect of comfort, this pair of slippers is lined with shearling and the upper portion is composed of suede leather. To add to this, the slippers have a foot-hugging fit as made possible by the twin elastic side gores.

A snug fit in slippers is important, for a too loose or a too tight pair of slippers will add discomfort to the wearers.

Also, the slippers have cushioning of memory foam footbed that adds to the comfort of the wearer, especially when the wearer has a foot condition such as plantar fasciitis.

Cushioning serves to lessen the impact of standing or working, particularly on hard surfaces. Pain on the heels or the arch of the feet can be managed and even prevented.

As for the aspect of warmth, this particular brand of slippers has genuine shearling fleece lining that gives the feet warmth during the cold or chilly season. With the ability of the slippers to provide warmth, the brand becomes flexible and versatile.

There is no need to buy another pair of slippers for the chilly days because the normal slippers will suffice. This brand of slippers is also flexible in terms of place of use because the slippers – through its rubber-like sole – can be used both indoor and outdoor.

The durable quality of the rubber outsoles makes it possible for the slippers to handle even outdoor surfaces without easily crumbling.


The Tamarac Men’s Sheepskin Slippers have quite a large number of benefits or advantageous features, but also have their fair share of issues that interested buyers should be know before purchasing the product. One of the recurring issues about the slippers is its durability.

There are reports that there are no problems with the slippers during the first few uses but the real problems start to come after several months of use because there are instances when the materials start to shed off.

There is no question that the slippers are comfortable and look well-made, but the reports about the shedding problem raise questions about the durability of the slippers and their ability to be of service for a long period of time. This could pose a major problem for any purchaser hoping to enjoy their purchases for quite some time.


The Tamarac Men’s Sheepskin Slippers has few negative feedbacks from its verified purchasers but only a few the feedbacks are worth getting looked into, because the question of durability can be a major drawback for most purchasers.

There is no question that this particular brand of slippers is comfortable to use, but we don’t know how long it will be of use to its wearers.

When weighing the options, the priority of the purchaser will matter greatly. If it is comfort one is looking for, then this is definitely a product to buy. Although, it would be better if the pair of slippers – and the comfort it brings – could be enjoyed for a very long time.

Then, the customer’s satisfaction would be complete. Nevertheless, this brand is a good buy.

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