Quality Men’s Slippers

Quality Men's Slippers

When you talk about slippers, you talk about comfort, being free from the restraint of tight shoes and high heels, being at home away from work and the pressure of being on one’s feet all day long. With that in mind, it is not only important to find a good pair of slippers but also to find a pair of slippers that will provide maximum comfort. Quality men’s slippers and women’s slippers offer comfort to their customers.

When buying a pair of slippers, the first thing one needs to know is who the wearer will be – whether a male or a female or an adult or a child. After answering this question, the next thing to ascertain is the slipper’s purpose.

There are slippers that are made for comfort and luxury like soft suede leather quality men slippers. There are also slippers that are made to be sturdy and durable like the sheepskin moccasins.

For style, slip on corduroy clogs. Whatever the purpose may be for the slippers, there are many slippers available on the market now that come in different styles and designs.

Quality Men’s Slippers and Different Styles

There are several quality men’s slippers styles on the market now, but the most common among them are the flip flop slippers, also known as thongs. The flip flop slippers are backless, have a shoe sole and a V-shaped strap that runs between the big toe and the remaining toes.

Another type of slipper style is the moccasin slippers that got their beginning from the aboriginal tribes that wear soft leather slippers that are stitched together by sinew and embellished by painted designs or beadworks.

The modern version of the moccasin slippers usually comes with laces or hard soles. Yet another style is the bootie slippers, which are basically slip-ons with the sole made of a different material compared to the upper part of the slippers.

A bootie style slipper gets its name from its design, which is boot-like and can be accompanied by a side zipper or laces.

The next slipper style is the scuff slippers. They are also known as open-back slippers because they have no fitting around the heel.

The name scuff was inspired by the scraping or shuffling walk that people do when wearing this type of slippers. There are also outdoor style slippers that can be used both for indoor and outdoor consumption with the hard sole as its prominent feature.

Finally, there are also novelty slippers that are mostly made of plush and fuzzy fabric that often come in different designs that can be customized.

Caring for the Slippers

Having a clean pair of slippers will help give comfort to wearers. The process of cleaning or taking care of one’s slippers will largely depend on what type of material the slippers are made of.

As a rule, slippers are usually made out of these materials – cotton, leather, suede and sheepskin. The leather and suede slippers a need particular kind of cleaning, but the other two can be easily cleaned with hand washing.

Slippers made of cotton can be cleaned either with hand wash or by machine wash. A non-water cleaning can also be done with the use of baking soda and vacuum.

A suede waterproof pair of slippers can be taken care of with the use of a damp cleaning towel or a suede cleaning kit that often includes a suede eraser and a brush. A non-water proof suede can be cleaned with a towel, suede brush and/or textured sandpaper.

Leather slippers, on the other hand, can be cleaned with the use of a leather shoe cleaner and soft cotton cloth. To keep the quality of the leather, use a leather shoe conditioner for soft and moisturized leather men’s slippers.

Finally, a sheepskin slipper can be cleaned with a damp cloth with the help of a suede eraser to get rid of dirt and scuff marks. A stain guard or water repellent can be applied to the outer portion of the slippers.

If washing is needed, lukewarm water and non-enzyme liquid soap that’s meant for leather products should be used in hand washing. There is no need for vacuuming, as natural air dry is preferred in order to keep the integrity of the sheepskin leather.

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