How Should Slippers Fit

How Should Slippers Fit

A good pair of slippers has several purposes – a few of which are comfort, protection and warmth. Almost always, slippers are associated with the word comfort. This is due to the fact that when one is at home or wants to rest after being on one’s feet the entire day, the footwear of choice is always slippers.

When one arrives at home and takes off their tight shoes or high heels, the first thing one will usually look for is a pair of slippers for the tired and weary feet to slide into. A good pair of slippers acts as a reprieve for the tired and weary soles of the feet.

One way of ensuring that the slippers one is to wear will provide comfort is to make sure that the slippers have the right fit. Wear the pair of slippers for too short a time and discomfort will surely arise.

On the other hand, wear the pair of slippers too long and walking around the house will not only feel uncomfortable but also be difficult. In choosing the pair of slippers to use at home – and even outdoors – it is important to get the slipper size correct, just like you would with shoes.

Talking About Slipper Sizes – How Should Slippers Fit

It should be noted that, unlike shoe sizes that have definite numbers, slippers are in a different class. Slipper sizes come in groups or categories that are not numbers. Slipper sizes differ for different genders and age development.

As a rule, the slipper sizes are divided into five (5) groups, namely: small (S), medium (M), large (L), extra-large (XL), and extra extra-large (XXL).

A note to remember: If your slipper size falls in between the sizes or the groups, it is more prudent to go for the next bigger size rather than the next smaller size.

This prevents the discomfort of walking around with half an inch of the foot hanging from the ends of the pair of slippers. When it comes to slipper sizes, excess is better than deficiency.

How to Choose the Most Comfortable Slippers

Aside from getting the slipper size right, there are other things to consider when finding the most comfortable slippers for you. The next thing to consider is whether your feet conditions will need a particular kind of slippers that are not necessarily common.

Conditions include fallen arches or high insteps, among others. When one of these conditions is present, it is advised that one should go after special kinds of slippers that will cater to the specific needs of the condition in order to provide comfort. Without such a condition, the next thing to consider when picking a slipper is the cushioning.

The slippers’ cushioning will serve as the main support provider for the feet’s soles. The cushioning also provides warmth to the feet while allowing them to breathe.

The slippers’ cushioning will largely depend on the type of surface the slippers will be used on. For a carpeted or padded floor, a pair of slippers with a low amount of cushioning will be enough to support the soles of the feet.

However, this is not the case when the surface to be walked on is tiled or hardwood – for these kinds of surfaces, cushioning on the slippers is important in order to prevent the soles from getting most of the brunt of the impact every time one has to walk on the hard floor.

The harder the surface, the softer and smoother the pair of slippers should be in order to provide comfort to weary feet.

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