Deer Stags Men’s Nordic Slippers Review

Deer Stags Men's Nordic Slippers Review

One should feel comfortable and relaxed when inside one’s home, and one way of being comfortable is to either walk barefooted around the house or wear a comfortable pair of slippers. There are different kinds of slippers – with different styles, designs and sizes – but the ultimate goal when looking for a pair of slippers is to take hold of the most comfortable pair of slippers that one can find.

With all the embellishments, designs, materials and prices, one will be able to find comfortable slippers for the feet to slip into at the end of a very long and tiring day. When you’re looking for comfortable slippers to wear, you are on the right track when you purchase a pair of Deer Stags Men’s Nordic Slippers.

Features of Deer Stags Men’s Nordic Slippers

  • Handmade
  • Imported
  • Faux shearling material
  • Synthetic sole
  • Clog style slipper
  • Microsuede upper material
  • Round moc-stitched toe
  • Sherpa lining
  • Stitching at vamp
  • Shipping weight: 2 lbs.
  • Product dimensions: 12 in x 8 in x 4 in


There are many benefits that one can have by using the Deer Stags Men’s Nordic Slippers because it has several features that will make the product a nice addition to one’s footwear collection. First of all, this particular brand of slippers is handmade, so the quality and attention detail of each and every item of the pair was focused on.

To add, the materials used for the construction of each pair of slippers are imported, so the quality and standard of the materials are guaranteed. Plus, this brand has a faux shearling and synthetic sole as its main component to make the slippers durable, comfortable and long lasting.

This particular brand of slippers is not only good for comfort –although it prioritizes comfort as its goal for footwear—but also a good source of warmth. So, during particularly cold or chilly weather, one can always rely on these slippers to keep feet warm or to warm cold feet.

The basted seams shape and upper cozy fleece keep the feet warm. Despite the warmth that the fleece upper provides, the feet don’t lack ventilation, for the same component allows breathability within the slippers.

Another feature that makes this brand of slippers a must have is rubber outsoles. The rubber outsoles work in two ways – first, to make the slippers durable and second, to allow the slippers to be taken inside and used for outside strolling should the need arise.

Finally, this brand of slippers is all about comfort and durability, and one aspect of the slippers that helps the comfort aspect be true and applicable is the light weight feature of the slippers. The slippers may give warmth on a cold or rainy day but they do the work well even though they only weigh less than 2 lbs.


The Deer Stags Men’s Nordic Slippers have many nice features and advantages, but also have their fair share of downsides that interested purchasers should be able to know in order to decide if said brand is worth buying or not.

First on the list is feedback from verified purchasers that this brand of slippers comes in a relatively smaller size than normal, so they are prudent for interested purchasers to order a size bigger to make sure that the slippers are the perfect fit.

The next drawback of this pair of slippers is that the slippers are somehow slippery on tiled or hard word but not when used on carpeted floor.

This aspect can be a major drawback since the slippers have no anti-slip protection as a safety precaution. Finally, there is also feedback from some verified users that the slippers easily absorb smell from the wearer’s feet, so it is advisable for the wearers to use the pair of slippers with socks in order to prevent the fast absorption of the smell.


The Deer Stags Men’s Nordic Slippers have many advantages and disadvantages and the drawbacks are major enough to dissuade some interested purchasers from buying the brand. Despite the number of disadvantages, it cannot be denied that this particular brand of slippers is made for comfort and durability.

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