Benefits of Wearing Slippers

Benefits of Wearing Slippers

One should always seek comfort when at home – and by comfort we mean being free from the constraints and pressure of wearing working or outdoor shoes. There are two types of people– those that would prefer walking barefoot and the those that wear slippers around the house.

Both types of people get comfort and ease, wearing slippers has more advantages than going barefoot.

Slippers are common footwear that can be used in and outside the house. For outside use, they are often preferred over wearing shoes when the outdoor activity involves relaxation or being exposed to water like at the beach or when swimming in the pool.

On the other hand, when slippers are used inside the house, they can come in different styles and be made of different materials –the most common and comfortable of which are cotton slippers that can come in different colors and designs. One question that should be answered about wearing a pair of slippers is this; “Are slippers good for your feet?.”

Why should you wear a pair of slippers at home over walking around barefoot? Here are some reasons one should wear slippers.

Benefits of Wearing Slippers

So, are slippers good for your feet? Yes, they are. Wearing slippers around the house – and even outside – has its advantages. The advantages are the following:


Whether inside or outside the house, it is not all the time that one looks at where she or he is walking or stepping and this can be dangerous, especially when the feet have to come into contact with a sharp or piercing object or harmful liquid.

So, to answer the question, “are slippers good for your feet” yes they are. Wearing a pair of slippers around the house – and even outside – is good for the feet because the slippers serve as protection from any object, liquid or things that could harm or endanger the feet.

More specifically, people with nerve impact problems are being encouraged to wear a pair of slippers so that erratic changes in sensation – which happens every time a person moves or feels something with their nerves – can be avoided.

To add to this, people known to have the condition of diabetes are likewise advised to wear a pair of slippers all the time because a diabetic foot has less feeling – which means that when it is wounded by a sharp object that the feet have accidentally come into contact with, the foot will not feel pain and the wound will go unnoticed until blood is present or until it has festered.

For the old and aged, wearing a pair of slippers that provide traction is especially beneficial to prevent accidental slipping – and as a result will prevent breaking of the fragile bones. All these unwanted scenarios can be easily prevented by wearing a pair of slippers that will protect the feet from harm and danger.


Are slippers good for your feet? Yes, because wearing slippers can provide comfort to tired and beaten feet. After a long and tiring day of being in tight shoes or high heels, the feet need a break from the restraint with the help of the open and wide spaced pair of slippers.

After being on your feet the entire day, your soles need a break from hard and tough shoes, and nothing beats the comfort of using cottony or feathery slippers to ease the pain and the stress on the soles of the feet. The slippers can also provide comfort by giving warmth on a particularly cold or chilly day.

There are slippers made of materials like fur or wool – both of which are good sources of warmth that are beneficial to avoid getting the feet cold.

Height Booster

For those who are vertically challenged, wearing tall slippers can be the answer to height problems, even within the comforts of one’s home. There are many available thick slippers that petite women can use even inside the house to add a few inches to their height.

Elevated slippers are an alternative – and way more comfortable choice – to wearing shoes at home just to maintain height.


Because the slippers come in different styles and designs, wearing them can be a good fashion accessory for those who are fashion conscious, even at home. For some, wearing slippers can be a form of social etiquette that should be observed.

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